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lalala my boring life

hey everyone : )

i should be in my family-law lecture right now. but guess what... i´m not.
instead i play "pet-society" on facebook. hah....

thats my pet:

i named her "mitsu" b/c that was my internet nickname when i was younger... like when i was around 15 or 16 ; )
these days i often think about those times when i was so into jrock and vk. i spend all my day playing final fantasy & posting weird things on the jpop forum.

how nostalgic.... i wish the good old jpop forum would still exist! with all the girls & boys from back then.
but ofcourse everyone changes and so jpop did as well.

i found a really nice "be sailormoon"-makeup-tutorial on youtube. its nice, i will try that XDDD maybe for carnival.
you should watch it till the end because michelle has some really important words to tell at the very end. and i think she is very right!
(do not misunderstand me, i´m really NOT a fan of michelle phan... i think her tutorials are well done, but i dont think we would be friends in real life hahaha)

so enjoy:

quote of the day (by michelle phan as in the video):

"i feel like every girl has a sailormoon in her. sometimes you may feel like you cant reach your dreams because your held back by people.. or maybe your waiting for someone to accept you for who you are.
dont wait. dont wait for someone to tell you that your allowed to be who you are or do what you want. if you're waiting you've waited far too long. life is too short to wait on your dreams. chase them now because there is nothing more fulfilling than doing what you love and beeing who you are.
your dreams only come true in cans not cants. never stop dreaming. only you can make your dreams come true"
18.11.09 12:17


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