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luxury legs


ohhhh yeay... today i got my packet <3333

i did wait 2 endless weeks and now.... i´ve got my super hot new 4 pairs of tights !!! yeaaayyyyy

this is my favourite one <3 its so special, dont you think?
Its designed by KENZO & Woldford. I got it on the internet wayyyy cheaper! [but still expensive i think --- pshhh]
i´ll show you some pics soon, i´ll have a photoshooting in a couple of weeks and i will so definetly wear them!

i´m so happy hehehe...

maw today i went jogging again like every morning, took my daily shower and had some chitchat with online friends. nothing special happened. after lunch i did go shopping a little bit, but i didnt find any special stuff .___.

tomorrow i´ll go get my new sunglasses, so watch out.... ill post some pics ~~

x x x

16.4.09 20:55


i did catch a cold

awww i feel terrible : ( yesterday like i told you, i just relaxed and stuff... but i didnt tell you that after i took my morning shower, i sat half naked and with wet hair on my sofa, both windows of my room opened...
: (
so i watched germanys next topmodel and then baaam... around 9 or 10 pm i got such a bad headache and i couldnt breath normally .___.

but nawwwww today i want to buy my new sunglasses. my bf will come over and we go to the store together... but i cant take pics because i look so terrible : ((((

today it's very rainy

17.4.09 12:36

sexy shoes


they are hot ö-Ö i want those!!!
17.4.09 13:32

Sunglasses & IPhone

its still raining a lot .___. that makes me feel so blue : ( i want sunshine again....

not at least to wear my new PRADA SUNGLASSES ...
*yeeaaayyyy* i finally got them and for reallll they are so nice *_*
my friend ines - who works as a kind of pr manager for wolford - said they are damn hot on me! rawrrr

i´ll post a better pic when i´m healthy again... i still look like a dead body in the water : ((((
i hate it. *sniff*

btw : D my bf got new glasses as well.... his are from burberry. he looks super super hot. i love him <3 hahaha... i picked them out wooop *_*

after we bought our sunglasses we went to the t-mobile store cuz he wanted to change his mobile contract conditions a little... and the outcome? he bought an IPhone !!!


--> and i love it... i wish i had one, too.
i already installed some cool apps. one is some kind of a japanese trainer for me. it teaches you all the kanji you need for the jlpt (japanese language proficiency test)... all of the 4 levels. and it was for free Ö_Ö you can look up over 6000 kanji, and it tells you the on- and the kun-reading, the order you have to write the kanji-strokes and the meaning!
i´m very surprised how many cool apps are for free anways.
i did download some games for him, too... and some brain training stuff ^___^ i so love this thingy X___X
i cant stop playing around with it... i cant take my eyes off it

... ... ... ... i fell in love


so-- i guess nothing more to tell at the moment

x x x
18.4.09 20:10

university, your killin me

hmmm so, i didnt write here for some days because i´m really back to reality again. i went back to my university apt. and i had A LOT to do for some reasons....
my lectures already started this week and i really have to give everything this semester.
as you propably know i didnt pass "staatsrecht" / constitutional law.... so i have to learn everything again now, which is really really a lot and i have to read this ridiculous book about "verwaltungsrecht" /administrative law which is more than 600 pages. and i hate it. i just got 3 points at administrative law - even i did pass the police part with 12 points and i dont have to do those tests again - i´m afraid that i will not pass the next test on administrative things because i dont have much background knowledge. so i have to work myself through this.... jia you !

ok thats the first reason why i cant blog that often these days...

second is that my laptop still doesnt work. i have to get this cable-things from hongkong as soon as possible, i feel like dieing .________________.

aaaaand... this semester i have lectures about management and economics. that means i will know more about my great idea to sell circle lenses .. hahah ^__^///

yeay... ok, i dont have much time anways so i stop here.

hope i will report on my life here soon again.
but i have my english presentation about eu law soon, so maybe i really will... just to improve my english which somehow still sucks x__x
can somebody please teach me? X____X

ok enough for now

bye x x x

24.4.09 13:41


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