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summer jam!?

^___^ click here -->

ohhhh i so wish for the sun to come out !!!

today i´m at my apt in P. not at my families house. i decided not to go home because of some more or less normal reasons... i wanted to learn, i wanted to relax and to sit outside...
i really absolutely cant do that at home.
my lil brother would be in my room all the time i guess ^^
he is pretty proud of me these days and tells all of his friends how cool i am and that i study law. that i will be such a sucessful lawyer soon that earns abt 140 000 euro a year : D

... yea. hope he is right : D

but my dad called me yesterday and said that my contacts did already arrive, so nooooow i really whish i'd went home -__- i really want them NOW ! awwww i´ve been waiting for so long now!

ro has many important tests and --- soccer /how much i hate it -_- so he has not much time for me *_*

last week i had an appointment with Rödl & Partner which is one of the bigger lawfirms. after that Ro did meet K. and me at the station and we went to eat japanese at this great great restauraunt near Erlangen. I just love it. The owners are chinese, but they really can cook well, and it really tastes japanese!
oh well.. it was such a great weekend!

ok, i gotta learn now, see ya


4.7.09 12:07


bright days, lightening & tests

hey you guys.

i´m pretty happy because the long looked for summer came across my apt.

at least i didnt melt until now.

today there was my final exam in chinese, it was not that easy but i think i did well. chinese is my best subject anyways ^^/

after i left university it suddenly started to rain. i brought my umbrella with me but .... there was such a tornado-like wind X__X i couldnt use the umbrella and got very wet
so... i took a very hot shower immediately i got home.
i dont want to catch a cold .__.


ohhhh and today i did transfer the money for apple. yes. i finally did it

i bought a brand new stylish nice wonderful macbook
in about 10 days it will be here, mine, forever...

i bought an IPod Touch as well.
i´m so happy hahaha... i cant wait any longer aaa!

Awww and my best friend Miss K. bought such a nice watch / bracelet by MOSCHINO... !!!! i´m SO envious! I´m SO in LOVE with this nice thingy .___.
i want the same as well.... we are so crazy about moschino these days!

but the next nice thing i want to buy myself is a slik scarf by hérmes. --> like this one

ok tomorrow i´ll have to write the next test, so i should go and study a little now

see u

x x x

P.S.: i´m thinking of someone very special at the moment

23.7.09 23:31


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