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germany & the start of a new semester

hmmm i´m back from china and 我的心情很复杂! on the one side i miss china so so so so much, on the other side i´m happy to be back ( @my bathroom.... i love u! )

the new semester has already started, i´m about to clean everything up these days... my room as well as my life. *secret

my best friend miss k super love moved out... and i miss her so much every day .__. so i decided to move out as well. i´m just too bored without her ^^;
last week i often slept over at her apt, because we went out to party and i pretty much like it there. so i´ll just move in as soon as possible.
we had so much fun hahaha guess i had a little too much alcohol but.. ok XD we had fun ; ) did some stupid things but... XD we realllyyyy had fun

i already use my new macbook and i´m already totally adicted to my IPod! I already ordered a Luis Vuitton IPhone Case ^^;
Ohwow... i wonder where all my money 's gone *__*

i bought so many clothes in china, chinese fashion is so much better than german. i so love the stylish chinese boys and girls <3
so check out my fashion part as well ; )

and i bought some new geo angle green contacts, i already put them in... but then i remebered that i have those long artificial nails at the moment and i wont get them out that easy ... : ( stupid me
so i will not wear them until those nails are off. i dont want to hurt my eyes too much...

ok then... see you soon ; )
i´ll post some new pics of me next week, i have a shooting this saturday <3

x x x
22.10.09 12:26


you think you know me?

이러다 미쳐 내가 여리여리 착하던 그런 내가
너 때문에 돌아 내가 독한 나로 변해 내가
널 닮은 인형에다 주문을 또 걸어 내가
그녀와 찢어져 달라고 고

love this song !
22.10.09 19:12

i want them!


--> very nice. i want to get them....


28.10.09 00:18


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