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back to life

oh yeaaaa... i didnt blog for a long time actually.

i already went through my terrific "staatsrecht" / constitutional law test. i´m not sure about it until now... it was pretty tricky. this prof wanted us to do a "Wahlprüfungsbeschwerde" which is an absolute curiosity. i was pretty shocked at the beginning and everyone around me started writing, while i was thinking about what to do... that took me 30 minutes of my precious time! >___<

all in all it was not a very complicated case. in fact... i´m afraid to say the truth ... it was rather easy! but i was so paralized by the fact that i never did a "Wahlprüfungsbeschwerde" that i lost too much time and began to panic at the important part where we had to scrutinize the election law.

i hope i get over 7 points X_X in the end it makes my good avarage points degrade! that would be a catastrophy.

i really want this schoolarship for my intern in tokyo! its a lot of money that i dont want to loose just because of this ****** constitutional law.

ohhh i really have to write about something more delightning.
i had my 21th birthday *hurray*
and the week before i spend in geneva with my love. i´ll post some pics later on. we really had a lot fun there.... even we did live at the horror house of my cousin joelle.
i bought some nice stuff...

after the trip to france and geneva, we went to munich for some shopping and the wedding of ro's cousin. we had some great days there, and we even went to the Chiemsee which was really nice to visit. Sadly that day was a bit rainy...

all in all i came back to germany and then wrote my test. the main reason why i didnt blog.

ok guys, have a nice saturday afternoon. i´m not out. no. i´m sitting at home infront of my little brothers computer, bored to death, waiting for my winning soccer boyfriend.
i really wanted to go party tonight, but my best friend is in Salzburg this weekend, and my lovely roomie has to work. and i didnt want to go alone. hello? anyone going alone to a club?
no. and even if you do... i dont.

so have fun out there... i´ll continue waiting.


14.6.09 00:27


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